Product Design

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a. Hello!

I'm Yoojung.

Some people call me YJ.

I’m a product designer who used to be a pastry chef 🍰
which means I like to work fast, clean and meticulously.

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b. Design Portfolio

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CASE Studies

Using data-driven insights, I have led large features from research through execution, as well as small iterative projects enhancing user engagement metrics.

You can explore some of my works here: 


c. Principles


Be Sustainable

• Keeping things organized makes the whole process faster and easier
• Always go for the things that are already in the inventory - Unless they're outdated


Be Purposeful

• Know and understand your target. Get actionable feedback to match their taste
• Every visual element on a screen (or a dish) needs to serve a purpose.


Be Transparent

• Document the process as if it's a recipe: step by step and with exact measures
• Make the design process open and accessible like an open kitchen

d. Design Tools

aka proficiency


e. About me

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Hey! Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Yoojung, and I'm a product designer based in NYC. As a reformed pastry chef, I approach design principles the same way I would approach a good bake.

Outside of being a designer, I’m a self-motivated autodidact and a multilingual creative with an endless supply of cookies.

If I'm not designing something, I'm probably walking around the city searching for new chocolate shops.

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